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Gatefold + 12" insert 

Artwork signed Stefan Thanneur 

Released by EAL Productions - EAL083


2019, the end of a cycle: A pinnacle in our approach to what a ceremony should be, especially on the occasion of “Les Feux de Beltane” (The Fires of Beltane). The lands of Brittany always provide us with the energy and the perfect setting for letting go and immersing ourselves completely in our Art.

Each of our ceremonies has marked a milestone in our congregation since that time. Les Feux de Beltane was marked by the replacement of Kristik A.K. with Vagus Nox. “Et il n’y aura plus de nuit” was Messiatanik Armrek’s final ceremony after more than 18 years of ignominious activism. Since then, he has taken a different path and now follows a different light.

It was also during that same year, at “Et il n’y aura plus de nuit”, that we had the honor of introducing Dehn Sora on stage, handling the machines and percussions. Dehn Sora was already known for his remarkable visual work on our previous album, “Fils de Dieu”.

Our last ceremony in January 2020 marked the arrival of Eurnnath Nefast on bass. We then delved into our inner selves to find necessary rest, and the health crisis was conducive to that. Our resilience was tested until the last minute before entering the studio in July 2021. We left as five and arrived at the gates of studio Kerwax as four. Vagus Nox had fallen into a vortex from which we are still not certain he has returned to this day.

In this context, fraught with obstacles and challenges, it is within ourselves that we found the energy and inspiration to compose and present you this new offering, “Et Facta Est Lux”. This fourth album marks the end of an era, both personally and artistically. Would it be possible at all to separate the two?

Just like our previous works, a dynamic of improvisation remains at the core of our creative endeavors. The process has been enriched by numerous additions of instruments and sounds, brought by the fresh blood that has joined our congregation as well as this unique place that is the Kerwax studio. The sound palette of Sektarism has thus evolved, heaviness being still at the heart of the orchestration. “Et Facta Est Lux” continues our work with a sense of greater maturity and mastery while retaining that element of insecurity and urgency that is inseparable from the context of improvised live recordings.

Some will find light in it, while others will find darkness. For us, it is the very essence of who we are. This work is the result of hard labor and has been born out of pain. For without that, can we truly speak of Art?

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