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When the sun sets over the sacred river, when the grass blend in with the black ground, when the forest stand in silence - the spirits speak through the shaman...
STATUS Prod. presents debut album "SACRA MENTAL HYPNO DRONE" Voronezh ritual / dark ambient project ORD. Mystic shamanistic rituals, existential revelations, personal reflection are embodied in 2 versions. The first, exclusive, "Rituals, Revelations & Purification" consists of 40 hand-numbered copies, includes 2 CDs with the album and additional material, 2 card, the chevron and the badge with the project logo, the ritual stone candle holder of a copyrighted work Ord Err, and ash from the places of rituals. Each candle holder is unique and has its own face, and therefore is unmistakable.
Shamanic rhythms, the ringing and the hum of ritual tools form a sound mask of the shaman, immersing the listener in the Lower worlds, and then elevating at the Top.
The album was used only live instruments, samples and field recordings.
All sets of the publications are collected by the leader of project ORD personally and are ready for use in ritual purposes..

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