MORTIFERA "Alhena's Tears" CD

MORTIFERA "Alhena's Tears" CD

Drakkar Productions

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Featuring Neige (Alcest)

Compilation CD
Tracks 1-4 taken from Complainte D'une Agonie Celeste MCD '2002.
Track 5 taken from Mortifera / Blackdeath split, recorded during Vastiia Tenebrd Mortifera studio session in 2003.
Tracks 6-8 taken from Mortifera / Be Persecuted. Tracks 6-7 were recorded in 2004, track 8 was recorded in 2009 during the Maledictiih album recording session.
Tracks 9-10 taken from Catacomb Mysteries CD, both from an old unreleased Mortifera' Reheasal demo (2001/2002).

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