Les Acteurs De L'Ombre

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7 musicians gathered to record the 7-minutes songs to feature on MONOLITHE’s new and upcoming 7th opus – NEBULA SEPTEM. Once again, the french explorers of the realms of Dark and Doom Metal have cooked an ambitious concept ; On the album, the tonality of each song is one of the 7 notes of the western scale, the first letter of the songs’ titles is one of the 7 first letters of the alphabet ; It is also the tonality of each song – from A to G. Song lyrics develop science-fiction stories mainly focused on extra-terrestrial life, while the music – both reminiscent of the band’s usual touch and oriented towards evolution, is filled with new influences and a rejuvenating approach.

Track Listing :
1. Anechoic Aberration
2. Burst In The Event Horizon
3. Coil Shaped Volutions
4. Delta Scuti
5. Engineering The Rip
6. Fathom The Deep
7. Gravity Flood

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