Les Acteurs De L'Ombre

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Maïeutiste is a complex and orchestral album masterfully executed. A journey through Black Metal and ambient music… an exploration of various musical territories, such as folk rock, jazz or doom. Maïeutiste delivers an unclassifiable yet universal experience during which the boundaries of Black Metal are shattered without ever losing its aggressiveness. Written over a period of 5 years and deeply rooted in extreme metal, this first album breaks free from all the conventional aspects inherent to the very concept of genre and comes alive through each of its 11 epic tracks. Maïeutiste recorded their full-length in several places to do justice to the album’s unexpected and versatile nature. A travel diary to rediscover during each listening.

Track Listing :
1. Introductions...
2. the Mirror...
3. Reflect/Disappear
4. Purgatoire
5. The Fall
6. Absolution
7. The Eye of Maieutic Art
8. Lifeless Visions
9. Death to Free Thinkers
10. Annonciation
11. Death to Socrates

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