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The weakness of the post-fall, the valetudinarian wandering and the howling miasma has returned. The eye is surrounded by dark circles more than ever and the leg is more lame and raw than ever.

Inspired by books like La Luxure et la Mort from Albert Caraco, Précis de Décomposition by Emil Cioran or Le Monde comme conscience et comme rien par Ladislav Klima, this pessimist double album is divided in two sides, one first part with extended tracks for the fall and the drama of conscience
— another side with dark old sorcery meditations around insomnias and negative utilitarianism.

We're proud to present this second and double album of the very talented Camecrude, which strikes once again with its overwhelming lucidity. After the success and the numerous repercussions of his first album l'Enclave I, this double album of a little less than 2 hours is one of the most innovative in the field of ritual music, noise and the experimentation of hurdy-gurdy. Camecrude, rules by the hurdy gurdy teacher Valentin Laborde, is surrounded this time by many artists, such as the actress and lyricist Malou Rivoallan, the contemporary percussionists Clément Joseph-Alexandre and Lauren Hayet from the Conservatory of Pau and the Ginkgotuk band, or the howler and performer of the Black Metal Harsh project Stase:Orgone.

Composition, voices, hurdy-gurdy, Lyra-8, industrial and nature recordings, mix : Valentin Laborde

Additional percussions on Les Sorts and La Jambe Crue : Clément Joseph-Alexandre & Lauren Hayet (Ginkgotuk)

Additional voices, additional lyrics on La Malor and lyrics and voices on Sauge Lente : Malou Rivoallan

Additional voices and howling on La Jambe Crue : Stase:Orgone

Mastering : Cioran Records at Camin de Haurot Studio

Artwork : Victor Tuurngaq (only analog collage with random magazines - no print)

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