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Blacklodge is back at the dawn of 2006 with a new album, >SolarKult<, recorded at the Necromorbus studio and released by the french label End All Life Productions.
A new powerful sound for the band, polluting sonic landscapes with a mix of pure aggressive metal and psychodelic, electronic violence.

Their temples and idols are rusted, and new dogmas are rising
This is the prequel to the new kult.

Track Listing :
01. ftp://SolarKult.NeXus
02. Mission
03. Iron Icon
04. PsychoActive SataN
05. 11rd Eye Chemistry
06. Drugz Mysticism [#A:Vision]
07. TeknoShaman 666
08. Luxifer Meme
09. Prequel to the Kult
10. Angels Refinery [C21H23NO5 MiX]
11. Martyr Complex
12. Forge=PhoeniX
13. Templars

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