DARK OPUS "Reminiscences From The Inner Void" 2 x Cassettes

Les Créations Clandestines

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Limited to 200 copies. Professionally duplicated tapes. Clear cassette shells with black liners and white imprint on all sides. Each cassette is housed in a standard jewel case with a professionally printed, single-sided, 5-panel foldout J-card, housed together in a slipcase on heavy paper.

Tracks A1 to A5 were originally released as the Thoughts cassette.
Track A6 is previously unreleased.
Tracks B1 to B4 were originally released on the splite cassette with Darvulia.
Track B5 was originally released on the Prostitue-Toi Au Diable Vol. II compilation cassette.
Tracks C1 to C4 were originally released as the Existence Is Appointed To End cassette.
Track C5 is a live version, listed here as a "Bael live interpretation" and orginally released on the Bael - Le Règne Du Sang 7".
Track D1 was originally released on the split 7" with Demoncy.
Tracks D2 is a previously unreleased Darkthrone cover.

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