Mors Ultima Ratio

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Cover with selective varnish + 12" insert -  Clear version limited to 100 copies

MUR005 - 2022 - a production signed "Mors Ultima Ratio".

Faction Senestre is a french duo and they can be associated with Spoken Words / Industrial / Dark Ambient / Power Electronics. All their lyrics are in french & about their vision of the world.


«Annihiler, c'est rendre à la vie sa logique.» — Roland Jaccard (1941-2021)

Some words by V. & Cioran Records about this recording:
How do we believe that one day we could get out of this interminable crisis? How do we manage to believe, lulled by our illusions, that the tomorrow will be better?
Skies are darkening day by day, and in these blackened days of observations, it's time for us to unveil the harsh truth of «Annihilation», the second opus of FACTION SENESTRE. Several years after «Civilization», released on Zanjeer Zani/Necrocosm Productions, A. and B. return with the Faction Senestre, to take a lucid and necessary look at this declining society, striking to the heart this capitalist and usurer splitting, accusing consumer gluttony and consumerist of the masses, decrying a world plagued by disease, technology and Holy Growth.
Rocked and galvanized by the declamations of B., overturning the codes of Spoken Words, punctuated by the multiple percussions and rumblings of A., gnawing at a lo-fi industrial by his roots, the Faction Senestre returns to reveal its report to us, alerting us to the evils of perdition, the bitter failure of growth, the inevitable and imminent extinction of mankind, like the rotting raft of humanity overturned by the existential, economic, social and ecological tsunami.

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