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Gatefold + 12" insert + etching on D side - limited to 300 copies

Originally released on 10” MLP in 2002 by the now deceased label Paleur Mortelle, and subsequently rereleased in 2006 on cd by Battlesk’rs with bonus tracks, "Wrath of the evangelikum" has become a reference for all people seriously involved in black metal. First it is a testimony of the now respected French scene, as both bands have passed the trial of time to become heralds of the respected underground. And both bands have set new rules, new style, a new approach of black metal over the years.

Track Listing :
1. Antaeus - Inner War
2. Antaeus - Blood War III
3. Antaeus - Seventh Ceremony
4. Antaeus - Devotee (Live in Paris, 2001)
5. Blood War III (First Studio Version)
6. Antaeus - Reverse Voices Of The Dead
7. Antaeus - Rot
8. Antaeus - Whenever I'll Lay
9. Aosoth - Black Prince...
10. Aosoth - The Bond Of The Nine Angels
11. Aosoth - Winds Of The Abyss
12. Aosoth - Ona Stigma
13. Aosoth - Ona Stigma II

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